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How to Hire A Custom Home Contractor?

Building your dream home should not be taken lightly. Having the right idea, the right budget, and the best custom home contractor in Surrey are essential to ensure your custom home is exactly what you envision. PQS Estimation is your trusted builder. When it comes time to make a hiring decision, use the information below to recruit the best.

Find the options

It’s easy to research different home builders in the area. The internet is the best source of information and of course a lot can be learned online. Be sure to take the time to browse online galleries for DIY and custom homes. Find out about company guarantees. Check their communication process. Read reviews from previous customers. There is a lot of information that can be gleaned by reading individual websites as well as via sources for the best contractor recommendations.

How to Hire A Custom Home Contractor?

Important property

Never hire an unlicensed or uninsured contractor. This decision can break your heart and drain your bank account. Without proper insurance coverage, there’s no cover if the company fails to live up to your expectations, and no guarantee that they actually have the skills to get the job done. Choose a bespoke home builder who has a proven track record, excellent communication skills, is professional, and has an interest in your project and experience.

Narrow down the selection

After you’ve researched the developers, narrow it down to your best three to four options. Choose a professional who has the important qualities listed above, but also someone who is experienced with your chosen aesthetic style. It’s also a good idea to choose a local contractor as it makes communication a lot easier.


You are the customer and responsible for hiring the right company. You can and should ask questions before hiring. Conduct an interview with the builder you have selected. Ask questions including questions about experience and expertise, cost of work, payment terms and deadlines, project guarantees and more.

Ask for references

Ask for references from the contractor. Any good contractor can provide you with some names and reference contact details that can vouch for their work. Reach past customers. The more you know, the more confident you will feel when you hire a custom home builder.

When it comes time to build your dream home, hiring the best custom home designer in Vancouver is an important step. Don’t rush this process. Ask lots of questions. Most importantly, you should probably trust your gut. This is someone you will work with for a long time, so make your relationship with they part of your decision as well. PQS Estimation welcomes the opportunity to win your business and help you build your dream home. Contact us to discuss your ideas and learn more about the benefits of our company.

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